In Vienna nearly a quarter of the residents live in social housing. The political and social vision of these affordable housing projects still is to create there a „farsighted multicultural community on the same wavelength who works together on a long term house peace.“

    This sounds like lightweight ramblings, therefore the work „add weight to idle talk“ tries to give the inhabitants of the social housing a visible voice. The people can weight some words of the lightweight ramblings, painted on big balloons. All inhabitants and visitors of the exhibition, which took part in a flat, were invited to participate: They could change the importance of the words (higher or lower weights) based on their own experience.

    A video stream shows the house with the balloons from outside so the people in the flat could see, what words were higher weighted and therefore more or less important for them.

    In terms of Goethe‘s citation „Who participates can’t be a stranger“ demands the work to cover position.