This installation explores individuality and universal attribution of possible changes in private and social structures which are based on deconstruction, reaction, aggression, and violence. It examines an individual and its possibilities while creating the identity.

    How much the environment dominates and how much does it form and shape us?
    How to create changes?
    Are aggression, violence, and destruction really necessary to establish a new order?

    The saying „Apple falls not far from the tree“ means that humans pass their traits such as behavior and appearance down to their children, and in doing so frame their life. This saying opens a question of realization of the existential idea of self-development, towards freedom and self-governance. The work consists of two components: the device which shoots apples and the racket. The shooting device is on the opposite side of the room and by throwing apples it poses danger to the visitors.

    The racket offers a possibility to avert and minimize the danger. It is also possible to avoid an apple or even catch it and become part of the system The The racket contains razors which are the means to confrontation and change, i.e. cutting apples. A successful hit means that the apple is transformed from its original form.