Filming of the analog power meter concurrently with the video projection poses numerous questions:

    how much energy is needed for one work of art?
    how much artistic positions influence each other and how much do they complement each other in a collective exhibition?

    The video projection shows the momentary state of power energy consumed by the artistic works and the gallery itself. By increasing/reducing energy consumption the display of the power counter changes too. The projection acts as a display for a functional system which depends on different factors of the institution.

    The title of the work „self-induction“ refers to the law of induction in electro-magnetic fields, which defines the effect of the magnetic field in a coil. The flow and change of current intensity in the coil creates and modifies a magnetic field.

    This change in the magnetic field induces an electrical current in the coil. The direction of the current is opposite of the direction of the field which induced it. Since the induction is due to the coil‘s own magnetic field, it is called self-induction.