The space of the Millenium Park in Zielona Góra shows traces of its past by preserved elements of funeral architecture. This past is also fostered in the consciousness of local citizens interested in the city’s history. During discussions on the commemoration of the park’s history arguments regarding preserving and restoring elements of the old cemetery along with cultivation of the greenery are often brought up.

    Elvedin Klačar in his project brings back the memory of late local citizens. With his installation, he seeks links between past and present. The project deals with disappearing places that did not go down in history, but in the past served as the sense of daily routine. Klačar evaluates the importance of history in shaping our identity. In this case, the history of the park not only consists of places and materials remains but also the absence of those who shaped the town and influenced everydayness.

    The installation is followed by the exhibition in the Salony Foundation that literally shows the impossibility of connecting with what is absent. With the use of archived regional documents that lost its use-value the artist plays with the meaning of historical sources in our perception of history. “Recalling the absence” is the project about constant disappearance and presence, but also about our behaviour towards the history..