The installation "Ich dir du mir" [I to you, you to me] deals with corrupt practices in politics, justice, society, and culture. Corruption, per definition, is the misuse of a position of power in order to attain private gain and profit. In other words, the term also stands for the destructive act of in-fringing upon a defined morality and general interests for one’s own advantage. A glance at Transparency International's corruption index map reveals that corruption is particularly high in so-called developing countries.

    Nonetheless, also the states in the best positions have no reason to pat themselves on the shoulder: Officially, there is a low level of demonstrable corruption, however, the misuse of power and manipulation of interests can take place on many other levels. Corruption as a “global pandemic” (with reference to the Panama Papers) is taking place across the borders and largely concerns private persons as well.

    With respect to the individual, the interactive installation Ich dir du mir asks who is ready to deal with his or her own corrupt tendencies: The main goal of the work is to identify, explore, and ultimately confront the corrupt potential in one’s self-every-one is invited to destroy their “corrupt I”. The installation thereby creates a new context, a sort of constructive act of self-injury, in order to tackle corruption